EQA & PTIB Certificated


“During my time at coastal, I met a lot of great friends and amazing instructors. The flight classes are with an instructor one on one and the teaching style is being personalized to each individual to help the student learn efficiently. During ground school classes which was a normal size class of around 30 students, the instructors were really knowledgeable and love when students stop them and ask any question that may come to mind relating to the subject at hand. Since students pay for simulator, they are more than welcome to come in and for extra practice by themselves. The aviation industry is really expanding fast at a rate that no one could have predicted and many pilots are required and this will be the case for the foreseeable future as well. Upon completion of the program, I got hired at Coastal to be an instructor and I love every minute of it. Other options for students is to apply to a local airline and get going. Overall, I would highly recommend the school for its amazing staff, helpfulness and efficiency.”

From Saar Kaufmann

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