Coastal Pacific Aviation Ltd

First Class Flight Training

Coastal Pacific Aviation has offered the highest quality in flight training since 1974. The school is proud of the many graduates now working at all levels of the aviation industry. Individuals with no flying experience can enroll in the school’s commercial pilot program and, upon completion, qualify for a commercial license. The commercial flight training program includes private licensing, multiengine endorsement, instrument rating and the minimum number of required hours in the air. This program also brings the student to the level of training needed for commercial licensing.


Abbotsford International Airport(CYXX) has light traffic,  a control tower, and local practice areas. The region offers a variety of important training features such as mountains, the Pacific Ocean, international airspace, and the US border.

International Students

We have graduates from all around the world and instructors form China, Korea, Nigeria, England, Vietnam,Russia and India.

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