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Accelerated Professional Pilot Program


The Accelerated Professional Pilot Program is designed to get students to a working professional pilot status as quickly as possible, with all the standard pilot credentials required for this—Private Pilot Licence, Commercial Pilot Licence, Multi-engine Class Rating, and the Group 1 (Multi-engine) Instrument Rating—compressed into a 1-year cycle.  It does not mean that you have to finish in a year—this is a difficult proposition that only about 20% of students can do—but it does mean that you have access to aircraft flight training on a daily basis, as well as, access to full-time ground school cycles. ***COASTAL PACIFIC AVIATION GROUND SCHOOL IS REQUIRED FOR THIS PROGRAM*** 

For information on the individual training programs that make up the accelerated series, including program achievements, prerequisites for enrollment, Transport Canada minimum requirements, and estimated training costs, see the following links: 

Program Organization

Initial Training

Here is how it works:  Students who enroll start the Private Pilot Licence (PPL) ground school with daily classes (Monday through Friday) and begin their air training with daily aircraft and Instructor bookings.  The ground school will run for six weeks, after which there is about a two-month break before the next level ground school—the Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) ground school begins with another full-time, six-week cycle.  Meanwhile, the daily aircraft and Instructor bookings have not stopped, but keep rolling (as will be the case right through to the end of your program training).  The idea is that you will complete your PPL qualifications before the CPL ground school cycle will begin.  There is an important snag here that you have to keep in mind—the air training for the CPL cannot begin until you have completed your PPL qualification with the licence in your pocket (although you can keep going with the CPL ground school). 

Advanced Training

After the CPL ground school is completed, flying continues on a daily basis, focusing on time building as Pilot-in-command, and CPL flight test preparation.  During this phase, cross-country flying should also be building in preparation for meeting the 50 hours cross-country time require for the Instrument Rating.

Ideally, once the CPL flight test is completed, your daily efforts should now focus on the advanced training associated with the Multi-engine Class Rating (MER) and the Group 1 Instrument Rating (IFR).  Time-building as Pilot-in-command can keep building in the single-engine aircraft as required, but the advanced training begins in the simulators, focusing on IFR procedures.  Once your Instructor has exposed you to these IFR procedures, training attention can then focus on the MER training and the full array of engine-failure control and management.  When the MER flight is completed, the final focus for training moves to the IFR qualification flight test.

Ground school for the MER is conducted over a few days, while the IFR ground school extends to a few weeks; as you progress through these latter phases of accelerated training, you simply sign-up for these MER and IFR ground schools.

Starting Dates

When can I start learning to fly airplanes?

You can actually begin your pilot training the minute you arrive at Coastal Pacific Aviation.  You will be registered as a student and you will be assigned to a Flight Instructor who will get you started with the next available instructor/aircraft booking.

When do I start my groundschool classes?

You begin your groundschool classes as soon as the next start-date roles around, or you plan to start both your flight training on the start-date of the three full-time groundschools: Beginning of January, May, and September. 

How quickly can I complete my Pilot Training?

The Private Pilot Licence—pursued on a full-time basis—normally requires between three and six months, depending on student performance during the early stages of training.  For Private Pilot students, the most variation in training time occurs in the “pre-solo” phase of the Private Pilot Licence—the average time required before students' first solo flight is somewhere around 15 hours, but in fact commonly varies between 10 and 30 hours, depending on performance skills. You should know that this has no reflection on the quality of the final product—there is no correlation between time to solo and the quality of performance on the Private Pilot Flight Test.  Moreover, once the first solo flight is completed, students progress at the same rate.  The training times of Commercial Pilot Program students are surprisingly similar—between six to eight months—and the Multi-engine Class Rating and the Instrument Ratings require only about two months.  The primary reason for these variations is frequency of training flights—i.e., how many training flights a student can complete in a week.


Accelerated Pilot Training Program13 Months

For International Students registering in the Accelerated Pilot Training Program, plan for 13 Months to go from first-flight to final-flight, qualified with your Commercial Pilot Licence endorsed with a Group 1 (Multi-engine) Instrument Rating—with this you will hold the qualifications required for many pilot jobs.  

It’s important to know that to complete these licences along these time-lines, International Students will have to fly daily, five days per week. The same programs will take a year or more if the training pace is less than full-time.  Students unable to maintain the pace of the Accelerated Program roll back automatically to the modular training programs, which permit the student pilot to control the pace of training.

Integrated Airline Transport Pilot Program—13 Months *CPA is currently not offering this course due to decreased demand*

The Integrated Airline Transport Pilot Program compresses into the 13 months, which includes the Multi-crew and Airline Transport Pilot Training not found in the Accelerated Program.  Like the Accelerated Program, on-time completion of this course requires a full-time commitment.  Also like the Accelerated program, students unable to maintain the pace of the Integrated ATPL program roll back into the modular accelerated programs.

Business Administration (Aviation) Diploma and Degree24 Months and 4 Years

Please contact the University of the Fraser Valley for more information regarding the diploma or degree program. You will need to enroll at UFV for their programs and enroll at Coastal Pacific Aviation for your flight, simulator, and ground school training.

Starting Dates
How quickly can I complete my Pilot Training?
Advanced Training
Intial Training
Program Organization
Accelerated Pilot Training Program—13 Months
Integrated Airline Transport Pilot Program—13 Months
Business Administration (Aviation) Diploma and Degree—24 Months and 4 Years
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