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Welcome to Coastal Pacific Aviation Ltd: Where Work is Family


At Coastal Pacific Aviation Ltd, we take pride in fostering a unique work environment that goes beyond just colleagues; we are a family. Our close-knit community of dedicated professionals shares a common vision, supporting each other through the highs and lows of our journey.

Prioritizing Safety and Nurturing Growth

Safety is paramount in aviation, and at Coastal Pacific Aviation Ltd, it's at the heart of everything we do. We're committed to providing a secure and nurturing atmosphere where your professional growth is not just encouraged, but actively supported.

Here, you'll discover a dynamic blend of camaraderie and excellence as we come together as a family to tackle daily challenges. Join us at Coastal Pacific Aviation Ltd to be part of a team that values your development and well-being, all while contributing to the future of aviation.

Welcome to the Coastal Pacific Aviation Ltd family!

Job Openings

Currently, there are no job openings at Coastal Pacific Aviation Ltd. We appreciate your interest, and please check back for future opportunities. Thank you for considering us.

Beware of Fraudulent Job Advertisements

Please be aware that Coastal Pacific Aviation Ltd. only posts job advertisements through official channels and uses email addresses ending with "" for communication. We do not authorize any third parties for job advertising.

If you come across any job advertisements or communications that do not use our official email domain, please consider them fraudulent. Your security and trust are important to us.

Thank you for your vigilance.



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