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Welcome to Your Skyward Journey: Coastal Pacific Aviation Ltd.


As you stand at the threshold of your aviation dreams, allow us to introduce you to Coastal Pacific Aviation Ltd., where aspiration takes flight and boundaries are redefined. Since our inception in 1973, we've woven a legacy of excellence, merging unwavering dedication with the latest in aviation innovation. Our story is one of passion, growth, and a commitment to shaping extraordinary aviators – individuals who will carve their path through the skies.


Imagine yourself in the cockpit of opportunity, surrounded by the hum of engines and the whisper of wings. From day one, Coastal Pacific Aviation has set out to inspire, to transform dreams into wingspan reality. With every passing year, our journey has been marked by a fervent pursuit of excellence, mirrored in the expansion of our fleet – 16 meticulously cared-for Cessna 172s, 2 dynamic Piper PA-30s, a cutting-edge Diamond DA-42, and the versatile Cessna 185, your gateway to float plane mastery. This fleet embodies the very essence of our constant quest for advancement.


Yet, it's the people behind the scenes who truly set us apart. Our instructors, handpicked from the pinnacle of aviation training, are not just pilots but mentors, guiding lights on your voyage to mastery. They bear not only exceptional skills but also a robust educational background, ensuring your journey encompasses not just flight training, but a holistic educational experience.


Coastal Pacific Aviation is not just a flight school; we are a symphony of precision, education, and aviation prowess. Our canvas is expansive, painted with students who've evolved from novices to seasoned aviators, equipped with the skills to navigate the complexities of today's aviation landscape.


Through the years, our story has woven threads of evolution. In 1979, a groundbreaking partnership with The University of the Fraser Valley set the stage for a new era in flight training, marrying academic excellence with aeronautical mastery. In 2014, visionary leadership breathed fresh life into our school. This move, coupled with investments in cutting-edge aircraft, flight simulators, and the innovative Talon system, solidified our place as pioneers in modern aviation education.


Your journey with us isn't just about the present; it's a bridge to the future – a future where aviation embraces technology with open arms. We are poised to harness the power of VR, flight simulators, AI, and data analysis to usher in a new era of training excellence. And it's a journey we invite you to embark upon.


So, to all the dreamers, the believers, the sky seekers – Coastal Pacific Aviation Ltd. extends a warm invitation. Here, amidst the clouds and the endless horizon, your aspirations will take wings, and your ambitions will touch the sky. Step into our world, where we're not just shaping pilots; we're creating legacies of aviation excellence. Your story begins here, with us, at Coastal Pacific Aviation Ltd.

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