Dear Students and Staff,


Hope all is well.  In order to take precautions against the COVID-19 virus, we have the following 



1) Everyone is required to wear a mask.

2) Everyone needs to keep the social distancing whenever possible. Please stand on the marks on the ground infront of the                dispatch.

3) Aircraft and briefing room surfaces that are going to be touched, need to be wiped before briefing and flight

4) Everyone requires to wash their hand or use sanitizers

5) Everyone is required to avoid unnecessary touching like handshakes, hugging, and etc.

6) Nobody is allowed to come to school if they are sick. They must stay at home and self isolate, if they have any symptoms                related to COVID-19

7) Everyone needs to avoid unnecessary gatherings at school. Everyone can only come to school to do ground briefing, flight              training and simulator training.

8) Avoid crowding the dispatch area. In order to talk with dispatch, stand in line and 6 feet apart. 

9) Visit Government of Canada COVID-19 page to get more information about the virus and to be more prepared. 




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