Why CPA?

We are committed to the highest quality of training and student experience, as an accredited school. 

Why airlines would like to hire CPA graduates?

We go above and beyond the licensing requirements of Transport Canada to provide the training that the industry requires. 

How we benefit our student?

Our high standards of training are recognized by employers throughout the industry and our students continue to benefit from our outstanding reputation. Our partnership with Air Georgian allows our students and instructors to gain employment after their  training. 

What kind of facility do we have?

Our facilities includes King Air-Turbo Prop simulators, classrooms, briefing rooms, an airside dispatch center and student lounge. 

What programs do you offer at Coastal?

Our school provides Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, Multi-IFR Ratings, Flight Instructor Rating, and ATPL Course.

What planes do you have and how much do they cost?

We have Cessna 172 m and p models ($175/hr) for PPL/CPL/Flight Instructor.  And Piper Twin Comanche PA-30 ($390/hr) for Multi-IFR.

How much each program costs?

There is no way to tell an exact number on the tuition of any flight training program. The cost varies according to many different factors, such as student diligence, weather, schedules, etc. 

All the estimated tuition is according to the minimum requirements from Transport Canada. And these estimates include ground school, simulators and flights.

For PPL, the estimate is $10,970 for CPL: $14,340, Multi-engine: $4,330, Instrument Rating: $7,265, Instructor Rating: $9,830.

How long does it take to finish each program?

According to our experience, generally, PPL program usually takes about 4 months to finish, CPL 6 months, Multi-IFR 3 months, Instructor Rating 4 months. 

How is the ground school like? When does it start? How long can I finish them?

For ground schools, it takes about 8 weeks.Once you got registered, you can start at any time for flying part, and follow up the ground school on January, May or September.

I am international student, how do you issue the letter of acceptance? How can I get the Visa?

For international students, the most common question is Visa. We will issue the Letter of Acceptance letter to you after you pay the deposit for your program.

To be more specific, you will fill the application form, submit all the required documents and pay the application fee, it's 350 for international students. Then you will pay the deposit for the program you intend to study. After we finish your registration and receive your deposit, we will proceed to issue you the letter of acceptance.

How do I complete the application process? What are the required documents for the application?

To complete the application process you will need to:

-Fill out the application form 

-Send a copy of your ID

What is your DLI number?


I have a foreign pilot license, can you help me with licensing conversion?

For licensing conversion, you have to contact Transport Canada. They will give a list of document they need and checklist to follow. 

How is the university program like?

You can do a Bachelor of Business Administration (Aviation) degree or diploma at UFV with us. For more details on admission, application, tuition and other information, please check the links below:


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