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Multi-engine Class Rating Program


What you will Achieve from this Program


When you complete this program, you will obtain a Multi-engine Class Rating issued by Transport Canada, attached to either your Private Pilot Licence, or your Commercial Pilot Licence.  Additionally, you will be issued a Certificate of Qualification—Multi-engine Class Rating by Coastal Pacific Aviation. 

The holder of a Multi-engine Class Rating may exercise the privileges of Pilot-in-command of a multi-engine aircraft.  When combined with a Commercial Pilot Licence and a Group 1 (Multi-engine) Instrument Rating, the licencing requirements established by Transport Canada to hold an Airline Transport Pilot Licence are met in accordance with CAR 421.34(4).

Overview of Pilot Training


Multi-engine Rating Students must only successfully complete a flight test conducted in an aircraft with a Pilot Examiner.  There is no written examination requirement.  

Requirements for Entrance (Prerequisites) and Completion


Students must hold a valid Commercial or Private Pilot licence and Medical Certificate prior to attempting the Multi-engine Flight Test. 


In accordance with the requirements established by StudentAid BC Policy Manual, entrance into this program requires the completion of Grade 12(or equivalent) or candidates must qualify as a mature student (age 19 and not having attended school full-time for 52 weeks).

Transport Canada's Minimum Requirements for Completion

Skill Requirements

An applicant for a multi-engine class rating shall successfully complete a flight test as pilot-in-command of a multi-engine class, in accordance with the Multi-engine Class Rating Flight Test Guide.

Estimated Training Costs 

The following are the minimum estimated cost for students based on Transport Canada's minimum requirements.  Please keep in mind that the below pricing can change from student to student based on different factors. The prices also subject to change without notice—this permits the school to respond timely to significant fluctuations in aviation fuel costs. 


Aircraft Type: Cessna PA-30

Aircraft Hourly Rate                             $390/hr

Flight Instructor Hourly Rate              $65/hr

7 Hours Dual Instruction                      $3,185

Sub-Total                                                $3,185



4 Hours Ground Instruction                  $260

Books and Supplies (Approximate)      $145

Flight Tests & Transport Canada Fees $740

(Flight Test & TC fees are NOT paid directly to CPA)

Sub-Total                                                 $1,145



Air Instruction and Student Practice   $3,185

Ground School and Administration      $1,145


TOTAL ESTIMATED COST            $4,330 CAD

Important Considerations for the estimated costs of Pilot Training


It is important to note that the training costs for pilot training is difficult to predict owing to the fact that the training frequency among student vary, as does the skill level of students with regard to both flight training and ground preparation. 


The more significant cost variable therefore pertains to the flying skill levels of students—students must meet the flying standards of Canadian Multi-engine Class Rating as established by Transport Canada, and as outlined in the Multi-engine Class Rating Flight Test Guide.



Important Considerations for International Students


For International Students, our admissions process requires that you send a non-refundable $350 administrative fee, payable to Coastal Pacific Aviation, which will be used to fund administrative and courier costs, including the preparation and issue of the Letter of Acceptance.  You will use Letter of Acceptance when you begin your application for a Study Permit and Visa. For all sorts of additional information important to International Students, please see the International Students’ Page of this website.

“This program does not require approval by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training. As such, PTIB did not review this program".