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Steps to Enrolling with Coastal Pacific Aviation

“Higher Standards Always”

1. Send in your application documents. These documents include:

○ Completed Application Form
○ Scanned copy of your Student Permit (once you receive it)

○ Letter of Recommendation
○ Scanned Photo of your Passport

2. Pay your administration fee and your seat deposit.

○ These fees must both be paid prior to our issuance of a LOA.
○ Following your payment, send a screenshot of your receipt to

3. Expect to receive your Letter of Acceptance within 5 business days.

○ For international students: After you receive your LOA, you can apply for a student visa.
○ Communicate with CPA once your study permit has been approved.

4. Expect to receive a message from your Flight Instructor, shortly before your desired flight training start date.

○ You and your instructor will set up a flying schedule together that matches both of your availability.

5. If you are enrolled in Ground school, you can expect to receive:

○ A tentative start date for your ground school session
○ An email with course schedule and required supplies. Set up a time to come in and pick up your textbooks before your start date.

Welcome to the Coastal Pacific Aviation family!

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