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Seaplane Endorsement

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The Seaplane (Float) Endorsement is an additional qualification that can be added to an existing pilot's license. This endorsement specifically focuses on instructing pilots in the skills required for water operations, including the techniques for landing, taking off, and taxiing on water surfaces.


An applicant seeking a seaplane rating must successfully complete a comprehensive training program totaling 7 hours, encompassing the following components:

  1. A minimum of 5 hours of dual instruction.

  2. A minimum requirement of 5 takeoffs and landings while acting as the sole occupant of the seaplane. For two-crew aircraft, these takeoffs and landings must be executed as the pilot-in-command.

The seaplane training program incorporates the following essential exercises:

  • Taxiing

  • Sailing

  • Docking

  • Takeoffs

  • Landings

  • As applicable, operations on glassy water, rough water, and in crosswind conditions.

Successful completion of this training regimen equips the applicant with the necessary skills and knowledge to operate a seaplane effectively and safely.

Airplane Above the Clouds


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  1. Applicants will have to have a valid Canadian Private Pilot Licence. This should be clickable and redirect them to the PPL page

  2. Current Transport Canada Category 1 Medical Certificate.

  3. Applicants will also have to complete an interview and a reference check.

  4. Students whose primary language is not English will need to complete a language assessment during the application process. If an applicant is not successful, they will have to take Coastal Pacific’s Aviation Communication course prior to the start of flight training.


Above and Beyond

The Float Plane Rating is an additional endorsement to your existing license. While its completion won't qualify you for employment, it serves as a valuable step in advancing your pilot training. If your goal is to pursue a career in aviation, obtaining a Commercial Pilot License is essential. Nevertheless, acquiring the Float Plane Rating lays the foundation for becoming a seaplane pilot as you accumulate the necessary flight hours on floats.

Are you ready for a great learning experience?

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