Student Announcements

Changes to the Dress and Deportment Policy

July 25, 2019

the Dress and Deportment Policy is modified to provide for polo shirts in summer months; the policy for epaulet markings (bar designation) is also specified.


Amendment to the Student Handbook—In-flight or Ground Incident Reporting

June 23, 2019

The information pertaining In-flight or Ground Incident Reporting was amended to provide more information to students, and to refer to the Coastal Pacific Aviation Anonymous Safety or Incident Report system as a primary means of reporting.

The Baron Facilities Now open as Student Study Lounge

June 20, 2019

The dining area of the Baron is now open as a study lounge for students, and will be accessible during school office hours.  Students are required to remain in the dining area, and are prohibited from accessing the kitchen and bar facilities.  Additionally, the consumption of alcohol in the study lounge is strictly prohibited.  Importantly, students must clean-up after themselves.  For the rules and means of access, see Jack Gauthier, Maintenance Manager.

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