Standard Rules

  • No smoking on the premises.

  • No Pets.

  • No illegal substances – if any are found immediate eviction will follow.

  • No illegal acts, such as underage drinking, are permitted.

  • Quiet Time is in effect from 11pm- 7am.

  • Rent must be paid on time. Invoices will be provided a week in advance with amount owing.

  • There will be an additional charge of $35 per day for late rent payments.

Resident Advisory

  • The Resident Advisory is a senior student resident appointed by the Program Administrator to make day-to-day decisions in the dormitory Primus inter pares.

  • The current Resident Advisory is Ju Liang, and his contact information is posted in the dormitory.

  • Decisions by the Resident Advisory must be respected and abided by the student dormitory community, but these decisions can be appealed to the Program Administrator in writing via email.

Sexual Harassment Policy

  • The Student Dormitory is governed by the Coastal Pacific Aviation Sexual Harassment Policy


  • Please keep your room tidy and clean, do not leave open food or crumbs on the floor.

Communal Spaces

  • Respect for your fellow residences is important.

  • TV, weights and music etc. are required to be turned off by 12am.

  • Please tidy after yourself and use the brooms, vacuums and cleaning supplies provided for you to keep all communal spaces clean.

  • No food can be stored on the tables in the common areas.

  • All personal belongings must be stored in own room. No personal computers or games, etc. can be left unattended on communal tables.


  • Please clean up after yourself immediately.

  • If you have anything in the fridge or designated food storage shelf, label it or it will be removed.

  • No food is allowed to be stored in the communal spaces outside of the fridge or designated food storage shelf.

  •  All dry food is to be stored neatly in boxes in personal rooms or on designated food storage shelves.

  • BBQ’s are not permitted inside the dorms. Please only use BBQ’s outside of the dormitories.


  • Please use the cold/cold cycle.

  • Please do not wash unless you have a full load of laundry – respect responsible water usage practices.


  • Any visitors are your personal responsibility to monitor while they are in the residence building.

  • Please limit the amount of visitors in respect of your neighbors’.

  • No overnight guests - All visitors must be off the premises by 11pm.

  • There are no security services, therefore please report any suspicious activity to the Resident Advisor Ju @ 604-300-2380.

  • Visitors to park on the gravel lot directly in front of the residences, not in the Baron parking lot.

Dorm Inspections

  • CPA staff will do regular dormitory cleanliness checks.

  • If there are any cleanliness issues these will be reported to the Resident Advisor.

  • The Resident Advisor will issue a verbal warning to the residents involved. If the verbal warning is not adhered to, then a written warning will be issued. If the problems of uncleanliness persist than this may result in immediate eviction of the tenant.


  • In case of an emergency call 9-1-1.

  • In case of a non-emergency or conflict resolution please contact the Resident Advisor, Ju Liang.

Dormitory Rules 

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